THE WAYS WE LOOK AT THE SUN wins Midpoint Consulting Award at CoCo Pitch in Cottbus, Germany in 2021 after being presented at TIFF Pitch Stop in 2020.

The feature debut drama follows two inseparable twin sisters, suffering from epilepsy, grow apart when one of them becomes a single mother and experiences  what freedom looks like without symptoms.

Time 233'44 - IVA.lab  - group exhibition

Visual Art Gallery & Podroom Gallery Cultural Centre Belgrade, Serbia

11th of June to 11th of July 2020

Artists: Cecilia Belén Sandoval, Rand Beiruty, Efim Graboy, Ioana Țurcan, Retro Future, Boba Mirjana Stojadinović, Vladimir Tomic

curated by Sladjana Petrovic Varagic 

Online PDF catalogue of the exhibition TIME 244'33'' #IVAlab is on web site of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade at this link

For everyone who did not visit the exhibition there is an available video or you can listen to audio guide through the exhibition done by Mirjana Boba Stojadinović.

Restless image, Unresolved Gaze  - collective exhibition

Gallery Podroom - Belgrade Cultural Center, Serbia

December 5, 2019 - January 6, 2020. 

Artists: Martina Anagnostou, Melanie Aronson, Love Ekenberg, Maia Guzberti, Angelika Harms, Tina Jone, "Noncitizen", Johanna Shartau, Andrej Slavik, Ioana Țurcan, Julia Varela, Daphne Keramidas

Curator: Lea Vene

The exhibition deals with self-reflective artistic practices and each invited author strives to reassemble his personal and professional ethics of representation. The selected works redefine the different representations that we create anew, but also the necessary break with the continuity of stereotypical and problematic representations that we encounter every day. Artists translate and interpret their understanding of visual ethics in their daily lives, personal family stories, institutional frameworks, artistic practices, image creation and consumption practices. This exhibition is an invitation to dialogue on how we can work together and advocate for a critical, ethical, self-reflexive and emancipatory discourse on image production today.

* Noncitizen is a nomadic film and cultural project that deals with the issues of persecution, borders, the right to exercise rights and freedom of movement

Participants Selected for 13th Edition of Talents Sarajevo

This year, participants hail from 15 of the 19 eligible nations, namely: Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. Nearly a third of selected participants are nationals of Turkey (11) and Greece (9), in keeping with a trend identified in recent years which indicates speedy development of national cinema in those two countries. 

Participants of 2019 Talents Sarajevo include:


Barış Aygen, TURKEY; Botond Nagy, HUNGARY; Fabris Šulin, SLOVENIA; Fili Olsefski, GREECE; Ioana Țurcan, ROMANIA


cinematography reel with excerpts from fiction, documentary and experimental works both collaborative and commissioned

music composition by the gracious @inte8rior

photography portfolio at COBA, London, UK

Contemporary Balkan Art (CoBA) represents emerging artists from the Balkans whose remarkable potential in the art scene is acknowledged both locally and internationally. Aware of the ever-larger art market, CoBA carefully selects artists and their most original pieces. We are interested in concepts that balance dominant artistic paradigms and the personal sensibilities of each of the artists. The uniqueness of our artists lies in their use of different genres and visual expressions. Their works reflect strong emotions and experiences, confirming CoBA’s commitment to pluralism of ideas.

Representations, Interrupted - collective exhibition

Critical Images is a post master course at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, where professionals in different disciplines come together to build a knowledge on how to work with images in a dignified and ethical way.

Throughout the year, and with the contribution from philosophers, linguists, lawyers, art historians and filmmakers, we have been working with the concept of the right to the image in an image saturated culture. The aim is to find ways to move forward as visual arts practitioners, implement the knowledge gathered throughout two semesters and finally to open the dialogue with the broader public.

Participants: Martina Anagnostou, Melanie Aronson, Hillevi Duus, Love Ekenberg, Maia Gusberti, Angelica Harms, Tinna Joné, Helene Larsson Pousette, Thuy Nguyen, Johanna Schartau, Andrej Slávik, Ioana Țurcan, Julia Varela, Lea Vene, Anna Weitz, Daniel Yencken, Daphne Keramidas

photography portfolio at PhotoVogue

PhotoVogue is photography platform curated by the Photo Editors of Vogue Italia: a platform for photographers to showcase their talent with the opportunity to take part in international exhibitions and initiatives and the chance of being represented by New York agency Art+Commerce, one of the most prestigious in the world.

"decontext xxx" part of 20th International Open, Chicago, IL, USA

opening reception: september 22 - october 20, 2017

juried by Sharmyn Cruz Rivera

CHICAGO —Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is proud to present its 20th International Open, an exhibition that explores conceptual and material boundaries. Juried by Sharmyn Cruz Rivera, the 20th International Open will be the first exhibition at WMG’s new location in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, at 2150 S. Canalport #4A-3.

“Woman Made Gallery’s 20th International Open gives a generative view of the work being made by female-identified artists across art disciplines and conceptual imperatives,” writes Sharmyn Cruz Rivera in her juror’s statement. “This exhibition portrays a comprehensive exploration of contemporary formal experimentation complicated through themes of cultural history, gender expression, femme kinship, and body politics. This supple group of artists successfully pose exercises in materiality, humanity, and vulnerability – a testimony of the potent production of women artists.”

The 20th International Open includes works by 30 artists working across a variety of disciplines: Tracie Battle; Catalina Bellizzi; Jan Brandt; Shenequa Brooks; Cathleen Clarke; Stephanie Cunningham; Hanna Dausch; Susan Dwyer; Jessica Ferrer; Silvia Gonzalez; Katie Hargrave; Margaret Hart; Lisa Bergant Koi; Nataliya Kotlova; Sue Kay Lee; Shannon Molter; Abbey Muza; Lovie Olivia; Roni Packer; B. Quinn; Mohadeseh Rahimitabar; Preetika Rajgariah; Farah Salem; Carryl Sher; LaNia Sproles; Claire Stankus; Liza Sylvestre; Ioana Țurcan; Ariana Vaeth; and Julia Victor.


We Are Moving Stories

interview on When the Game Goes to Heaven presented as part of Romanian Short Waves, Cannes 2017

Marie (10) has been lied to regarding the death process with the often-used “going to heaven” line. Now when her mother is in the hospital, she wants to understand what’s happening but both her half-siblings Nathali (16) and Adrian (25) are swept off their feet with house hold tasks, accommodating to new “family roles” and facing a possible loss.

CinéWomen interview Issue on Little Father (short fiction, 2015)

"Using a spare minimalistic style Ioana Țurcan offers a profound portrait of what does it mean to be an immigrant, Little Father is a modern variant on the theme of Orpheus, a profound meditation on married life."

Gopo Awards

More than Meets the Eye video interview made by Kelly O'Neill at Syracuse University, 2015

News on Ioana Turcan’s Recent Achievements in the Field of Film, 2015

Film Student Inspired by Human Connection by Syracuse University News, 2015

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