Addresses the concept of uncertain loss through a site-specific audio-visual installation.

Uncertain losses refer to those losses that remain blocked in the mourning stage and cannot be processed precisely because what was lost is partially present or its disappearance has not been confirmed.
This category of losses includes, for example, losses of space, territory, identity, losses due to uprooting, migration, wars or natural disasters.

These types of frozen losses are also experienced by those who care for a family member or a patient suffering from dementia,
someone severely sedated or under substance abuse, someone partially present, partially absent.

At the same stage are public transport workshop-spaces in Timișoara where mourning cannot begin.

Their only presence, even degraded, leaves a hope that something could happen, could be re-assigns, could return to a known form that brings comfort. a normal we were used to, maybe even fulfilled / satisfied.

[RO]  video documentation of the event 

[RO]  audio stories of the community participating in the project: constantin bradu, daniela laeș, dumitru fugaru, lăcrimioara chiorean, marian chelement


documentary 12' HD stereo

A man lost his wife in a car accident while driving to celebrate her niece's first birthday. Now he is struggling to regain his ability to walk again.

Writer and Director: Anastazja Dąbrowska
Production: Filmart
Producer: Dejan Petrović
Executive Producer: Predrag Živković
Production Manager: Nemanja Bogdanović
Cinematographer: Ioana Țurcan
Editor: Peter Moussa
Sound Engineer & Sound Design: Gerardo Martínez Ángeles
Soundtrack: Moby - Ghost Return (Ambient)

COLLINS 70's  2016

poetic documentary 10' HD stereo

glimpses of missing/remembering someone on a daily basis; in a familial/familiar environment

cast /

collins barber and beauty shop, their family and community in Syracuse


poetic documentary 40' HD stereo

At the Central Cemetery in a small Romanian town, there are four gravediggers on duty. They are part of a Roma community that lives just outside the cemetery fence. They're digging graves and attending funerals, while trying to make sense of their youth and loved ones. 

cast /  Marin Kalanyos, Rozalia Kalanyos, Cosmin and Andrea Lucian Mișca, Monica Luți, Iasmina Mișca, Ionuț Mișca, Vasile Apostol, Ovidiu Kalanyos, Mihai Otvos, Gavril Tămaș


single channel 2'54'' HD colour, stereo

the child's self portrait as an artist


single channel  3'06' HD  colour, stereo 

video and sound experiment exploring the connection with the grandfather I never met


documentary 23'26'' HD colour stereo

The film was made by Gregory Brzozowski (director, Poland), Ioana Țurcan (cinematographer, Romania), Iulia Matei (editor, Romania) as part of the 8th edition of Aristoteles Workshop (Suceava, Romania) and was awarded the best documentary prize.

The film shows the life of an elderly couple that are trying to finalise the construction of a house bigger than their powers, a house where their children and grandsons might not live in since they left for Sweden. Their endless work stems from a superstition, the fear their life will end with the finalisation of the construction.

cast / Gheorghe, Virginia and Iulian Lupașcu 

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