Vanishing Point is an artistic approach that explores the experience of care from the perspective of the caregiver. Our process was formed around the need to understand the complexity of the caring relationship when it is characterized by varying degrees of co-dependency, to make present issues that usually occupy a restricted space in the collective consciousness, especially when we are not confronted with this situation in a direct way.

We invited caregivers from Cluj-Napoca in a series of workshops in which, with the help of tools from performing arts, psychotherapy and boxing, we built a playful context to evoke situations, dynamics and particularities of this situation.

We end this stage of the process with a quasi-documentary installation, a testimony of the workshops, later reconstructed with the intention of sensually communicating our encounter with the infinite declensions and intersections of the issues surrounding this subject.


documentation exhibition at OM CHOREOGRAPHIC CENTRE, CLUJ

VANISHING POINT/PUNCTUL DE FUGĂ project was co-financed by Madera Creation and The National Cultural Fund. 




Part of the nomad duo uncertain space, in 2021 we developed a new initiative called SOLITAR  with the main goal of an interdisciplinary artistic research on the broader topic of ambiguous loss, with our initial focus on caregivers and coping mechanisms. 

Our long term goal is to create support groups, identify coping mechanisms and co-create rituals that embed them to allow for large scale reach and impact.  

The two initiatives that took place in Cluj were meant to engage the local audience on the topic of care, caregiving, rituals and bring them in dialog with the local community of caretakers.

Solitar project was co-financed by Madera Creation and The National Cultural Fund. The project was developed under Culturepreneurs - a local programme for cultural entrepreneurship.  

Partners: University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj, University of Art and Design Cluj, Cultural Centre Cluj, Division of Social Assistance and Child Protection Cluj, Cluj City Hall and Local Council, Daisler Association, Demmers Teehaus, White Cuib Gallery, Iscoada Platform, DOR Media


exterior.interior.intimitate is a creative exploration project built together with the youth from Vaslui with an online exhibition of their subjective intimacies.

The process was creatively approached through free writing, photography, collage and heartfelt discussions on intimacy and sexual education collaborating with educators and curators from different parts of the country.

The published Encyclopedia of Intimacy can be downloaded or consulted online (in romanian language only).



  • 2020 tutor, curator and co-creator of the Interior.Exterior.Intimitate workshops, programme created for teenagers to express creatively on topics of intimacy, Vaslui Romania (project co-founded by National Cultural Fund, Romania)
  • 2018 - present  co- founder Madera Creation focused on engaging art creation on different difficult subjects with communities that have less to no access to culture
  • 2018 instructor non-formal education Povestea Multimedia - video and photography, high school classes in Bucharest, sector 3, Romania
  • instructor assist. "Exploration Workshop" coord. by Nora Agapi, creating documentary films with teenagers at MOLDOX Social Documentary Film Festival, Cahul, Republic of Moldova
  • 2017 co-founder/executive member Visual and Performing Graduate Student Organisation Syracuse University, NY
  • instructor for the Syracuse Boxing Club and facilitator for classes of the artist in residence and instructor Cassils Heat during their semester at Syracuse University, NY
  • 2016 teaching mentor, Syracuse University, Graduate School, NY – Incoming Teaching Assistants Orientation, 
  • teaching mentor Slutzker Center for International Students, Syracuse, NY – International Students Orientation, 
  • instructional assistant Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
  • facilitator audio/video equipment for Transmedia Cage, Syracuse University, NY 
  • 2015 mentor and developer 24 Frames Film Camp, Baia-Mare, Romania
  • 2014-2016 co-founder B4Film non-profit organisation for non-formal visual education Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Adjunct instructor, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

courses developed:

TRM 300 Food, Culture and Identity with Edward Morris, part of Canary Lab Workshops, collaboration with My Lucky Tummy, Spring 2017

courses taught:

FIL 122 M003 film majors, Spring 2017

FIL122 M003 Sound/Image non-majors, Fall 2016

Teaching assistant Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY; 

for courses: 

FIL 223 Storytelling Production, 2017

FIL 420 Filmmaking: Senior Project Spring 2017

FIL 324 Scriptwriting Workshop Spring 2017

FIL 228 Film Scriptwriting Fall 2016

FIL 420 Filmmaking: Senior Project Fall 2016, 

Teaching Assistant Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY;

  • manage student film submissions, screening coordinator New Filmmakers Showcase, Syracuse Film Festival, 2015


Instructional assistant Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

ART 200/300/500 Art in China, Winter 2017

ART 200/300/500 Art in Europe Summer 2016, 

ART 200/300/500 Art in America Summer 2016,  

ART 200/300/500 Art in Europe Winter 2015,

ART 200/300/500 Art in America Summer 2015, 

ART 200/300/500 Art in Europe Spring 2015,

ART 361/561 Studio Symposium Fall 2014


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