short fiction film, 15' colour 

Alexandra, early 20s, living with her mother and her mentally disabled brother, works at a textile factory in communist Romania. Because of the anti-abortion decree, women are used to the monthly gynaecology check-ups.  But this time, a surprise “parade” forces Alexandra to take a drastic decision.

Cast: Silvana Mihai, Mihaela Trofimov, Anca Cipariu, Mihaela Rădescu, Theodor Șoptelea, Emil Măndănac, Alina Florescu, Alexandru Nemțeanu, Gabriela Pîrlițeanu, Boldizsár Emőke

Director of Photography: Marius Ivașcu. Editor: Dragoș Apetri. Art Director: Adeline Bădescu. Costumes: Anca Miron, Sonia Constantinescu. Sound: Ștefan Drăgușin. Make-Up: Bianca Boieroiu, Sandra Pătrăuceanu. Hair: Camelia Borcan. Casting by Domnica Cîrciumaru Producer: Cristina Badea. Writer&Director: Ioana Țurcan. Produced by Adenium Film

USA versus... 2017

mixed-media performance collaboration with Sarah Culkin, Stacey Cann

as part of Hibernaculum Pop-up Show by The Works Arts Society Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Walls can both protect and isolate. In different configurations the wall offers different amounts of stability, protection, and isolation for each performer. They sometimes use the wall to isolate themselves from each other, and sometimes build the wall together to protect them from the audience. 

This work is about protection as well as vulnerability. It uses humour and absurdity to confront real issues of protection, isolation, and building barriers.

VIOLENCE WOMEN 2015-present

 3 part video performance series looking at violence practiced by women 

BOX 2015

absent performance, 3h

this work was made on the training and physical exhaustion idea. I trained for 2h in the room, I left, then the audience was invited in.


3 rounds of braless bag work

132,00LB (work in progress)

video documentation of my 3 collegiate boxing championships during 2014-2017

III 2016

single channel 04'21''HD stereo

collaboration with Kieu Anh Truong and Yiuying Feng

III tackles the problematics of rape culture and sexual assault through three different cases in three different countries: China, Vietnam and Romania; and how the cases where similarly “dismissed” by the authorities.

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