site specific installation: impermanent words carved on rocks (grass, moss, soil, trees) - 2021

We speak our own is an act against human ownership to deploy nature in their socio- economical and political fights - even if it is consciously engraved by human action.

During an evening discussion, Melitta - the last heiress of the Morawa palace - shares with me the fact that now, in this region, the stones are at also at peace: they speak both Polish and German language.
The discussion resembled with one of the longest debates in my home region (Transylvania, Romania), where Romanian and Hungarian inhabitants were claiming that nature (birds, trees, stones, etc.) where even more speaking or singing in their language, denying each other’s right to be and inhabit.

The site-specific installation comes as a moment- based reminder that the nature might have its own language that we might not know and we have no right to invoke it in our divisive conversations, especially for land owning, life-threats, displacement, othering nor any kind of hatred and forced action, no matter its magnitude. 

Aware of its implications, english - as a language of expression - was chosen to ease the message.


shot during my travels in between 2012-2017, using personal archive and combining 8mm film with digital files, states uprooted tries to challenge the idea of rituals in transition, identity and it's perception on different lands: Romania and USA.


collaboration with Rohan Thakore & Lily Fein

part of Canary Lab and presented at the collective show Eating is a Cultural Act, Smith Hall Gallery, Syracuse, NY, USA 

M.U.S. aims to convey the idea of cultural heritage, family linage and moreover cyclicality while offering a gallery experience related to food and its easy, home-making process. 

The installation provides two tables, one for display and one that replaces the “family dinning table” where the guests can sample the foods exhibited on the first table. The main produce is milk and its derivate than can be easily made at home, recipes that passed from a generation trough another by word of mouth or handwritten notebooks.  


still performance, 40' Comstock Art Facility, Syracuse, NY, USA

the 40 minutes standing performance tried to illustrate the food system hierarchy in USA and the "induction" of perfection regarding the food consumption. this usually comes with the price of underpaid pickers and forced waste in the farms production


single channel 3'28'' HD colour, stereo

spanish audio with english subtitles 

winter's self creation

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