LEAVE, PLEASE 2020-2021

collaboration with Mia Skrbinac

We decided to document our first date while getting to now each other on a road trip in Romania in 2020.

Then we continued the documentation on the second date which happened in 2021 in Slovenia passing to Poland.

In 2021 the documentation was more intense as we were in the process of recovery from similar-topic traumatic events and attending different types of therapy sessions. In this context, each other's body and triggers acted or reacted against the process, the space, the moods, the present landscape, against us and who we could be without the trauma.

Alongside analog photographs, which some can act in relation to each other or as triptychs on movement and interaction, we wrote free-form poetry and random thoughts to help us get more understanding of the situation and our relation.

All that weight needs to be released. Life feels impossible to live

without washing off what it has became the control of our actions. But is

it really the past to blame or is it just us addicted to that danger? Too

afraid to be seen without the accumulations that became part of our

identity. Us becoming the makers of a new one. Too safe to let go, too

damaged to trust. "We could kill each other", I said as an excuse. An

empty shell, hanging in there. So pass me the soap and leave, please. I

need to try to make myself cry.


i walk with them

my grandpa’s violence and grandma’s anger

when we walk they never leave 

me she said you're like me

your father’s hands and mom’s eyes

your upper lip is like hers,

- slim

your lower one like his 

- meaty

but your mouth – words are mine,

fiery and fast like

anger that never leaves 

me i never thought i was like her

until those two knives

were crossed at my throat

and i meet my grandma’s anger

and my grandpa’s will to kill



Filmmakers of our Generation showcases a series of analog portraits of the filmmakers and artists I had the chance to cross paths with and which are challenging the world we live in trough their work.


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