collaboration with Pablo Ramirez Gonzalez

  • lifelike:demo - photogrammetry, sound, video, analog photography
  • lifelike: 93jahrealt, site-specific installation: antlers, found objects, taxidermic duck, maps, wooden sculptures, table cloth with hunting elements, video projection, sound

Lifelike is a tryptic work which aims to rethink the afterlife of animals in the context of displacement. Hunting, taxidermy and taxonomy are seen as practices that deny the life of some species in order to display, study, and appropriate their bodies, claiming the superiority of human kind over nature.

The collection of dissected animals and skulls from the palace of Morawa was reconstructed in the form of 3D digital objects and reorganised in a sequential series of videos, accompanied with pictures of the paintings and etchings from the on site collection and narrations about hunting extracted from interviews.

The videos and the installation tries to give a second read to the history of displacement in
Morawa which can be viewed as a territory in dispute. The project aims to include the perspective of animals as cohabitants of that place and historically rooted subjects that are able to create their own narratives of belonging.

The site-specific section of the project called lifelike: 93jahrealt was divided in two interventions - an installation inside the kitchen of the castle of Morawa and a 3D projection inside a dead tree in the forest that surrounds the area; a possible ritual of returning and commemoration.

The third part lifelike:demo was created as an analog photography series and a stand alone audio-visual experience that can be projected and installed in different spaces without propagating further the local specific meaning but can continue to address the questions of ownership, totem display, ritual and power. 

lifelike: 93jahrealt

installation view



analogue series, black and white 

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